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I have been fortunate to have worked with Gabriel in multiple productions, and I highly recommend his remarkable talents to all of my clients time and again. Gabriel is considered by voice directors to be a "go-to-talent", with his vast character voices, focused attention to subtle detail, and uncanny ability to go from zero to sixty at the press of a record button. I truly look forward to working with Gabriel on future productions.

Andrew Grant - 3A Sound visit website

Gabriel is an amazing voice over and all around talent...his spot on ability to capture and bring to life the nuances of each character is simply brilliant. I highly recommend him.

Aldo Tirelli visit website

Gabriel is a fantastic talent. Having worked with him on several personal machinima projects, I can comfortably say that you will not regret the decision to hire him. Gabriel always gives 110%, and he's been such a hit in the machinima world that other directors have started using him as well! Hire him to truly find out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

Chengaiz Khan (Visual Arts/Media Production, hired Gabriel as in 2010 and hired Gabriel more than once.)

The hardest part about writing this recommendation is limiting his best attributes to only three; I could genuinely check [every] box available. Gabriel is personable, professional, imaginative, genuine, and a sheer joy to work with. He was able to do things for my project that (quite literally) no one else could have done. He has my highest recommendation.

Lee Hebert (Author of the Epic Universe series of science fiction books. Hired Gabriel as a Voice Talent in 2010 and hired Gabriel more than once.)

When I started creating video finales to our LAN parties (for our twelfth event), I did so to achieve a big epic finish to the party's equally big and epic theme. Gabriel Wolf more than performed the narration; he gave the trailer an attention-grabbing vitality. We're now planning our sixteenth event. The videos have become bolder, longer and bigger, but Gabriel has risen to the challenge of each performance. His delivery is consistent, unwaveringly in character, entertaining and professional.

The scripts I write for each video are purposefully as dramatic as possible. The performances are a deliberate challenge. But I write them knowing Gabriel will not only meet the requirements of his multiple roles, but breath a firey life into them. His work is a perfect accompaniment to the music score and visuals leaving our target demographic tingling.

The star of the latest videos, the L-Man character, was an immediate hit with the audience. However if Gabriel continues to provide us his talent, there are greater things to come for future LlamaLAN finales and I look forward to the outcomes.

Matthew Ainge (Video Director, hired Gabriel in 2009 - 2011, has hired Gabriel more than once)

Gabriel is unlike any other Voice Actor I've worked with. Heck, I'm surprised he's even a part of my project, but I'm very thankful for that. He's a load of fun to work with, gives great results, and is very supportive! ... Trust me when I say that Gabriel is truly an amazing Voice Actor, and definitly worth having on your team to work with!

Matt Acuna (Developer of Relic RPG Title) visit website

I hired Gabriel as a voice actor for an animation project last year. He contributed huge amounts of expertise and enthusiasm to the project from the outset, and the end result exceeded my expectation! I would happily recommend Gabriel as a Voice Actor.

Peter Roy (Hired Gabriel as a Voice Actor in 2010) visit website

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